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An E-book such as The Evolutionist Order can be downloaded to and stored on a normal mainframe or desktop or notebook (laptop) computer or on a personal digital assistant (PDA – sometimes called a personal organiser, handheld, palmtop or pocket PC). It may then be read from the machine’s screen. Copies of this book may be printed onto paper, but with certain restrictions. This relaxation of the normal rule is introduced in May 2006 in its new form. It is to apply (at present) only until the end of 2006.

Guidance is given below on:

You read an E-book from the screen of your computer (or PDA) much as you read other documents on it, for example those set up in a word processing system or emails you have received.

You may anticipate that reading a book from a screen would be less convenient than reading it in the traditional printed form. If you have a desktop PC, your position does appear to be less relaxing. However, you are probably used to sitting in front of the PC for extended periods, in using it for other purposes. You probably often watch television programmes and then accept comparable constrictions.

A notebook PC may offer the easiest way of reading an E-book.

If you read an E-book from the screen of a PDA, you have the full convenience of a traditional book, as regards reading readily in any location and holding "the book" in your hand. However you would need to be able to read satisfactorily from the small screen, with frequent scrolling forward and perhaps left and right.

The formats in which The Evolutionist Order E-book is available

This E-book is available in alternative versions with two different formats.

One version uses portable document format (pdf) and you read it, as an E-book, using the Adobe® Acrobat® Reader® software. You may already have installed this software on your computer and be familiar with reading documents with it, using the various facilities it offers. (If it is not already installed on your computer, you can click here to download it free from Adobe’s website.)

The pdf E-book comprises 800 "pages" of form very similar to those in a printed book, with margins, headers and page numbers. With reading on the screen, these features serve limited direct purpose. They slightly reduce the amount of text on the screen and might distract you from the text.

The other version uses a format based on hypertext mark-up language (html), as used in websites. The E-book is held in a proprietorial software system that displays it utilising your computer’s web browser (which may be Microsoft Internet Explorer). However the version makes little use of the special facilities provided by html. Technically, each chapter of the book is contained in a single "page". Reading the book in this version is similar to reading a document held in a word processing system such as Microsoft Word.

The html form has two alternative download options, "ordinary" and "zipped", as described on the Downloading and Opening page. For simplicity, these are generally regarded in this website as different "versions". You can then obtain the E-book in three different "versions".

Printing from The Evolutionist Order E-book onto paper

You would download The Evolutionist Order as an E-book. You would then probably endeavour to read it from the screen of your computer. You might conclude that you really do not like doing so. You may then want to print all or some parts of it onto paper, using your printer. You might also want to create printed copies for other reasons. However, printing from the E-book is precluded by standard copyright law. The author confirms in one of its preliminary "pages" that he applies this legal prohibition in principle with his book.

He hopes to arrange terms with a reputable publisher for The Evolutionist Order to appear in traditional printed form (with versions in foreign languages afterwards). However, there may be a lengthy delay before this occurs. He wishes to facilitate ready use of the book in the meantime and relaxes his copyright position as regards printing copies onto paper. You may print one or more copies from a downloaded copy of the E-book The Evolutionist Order, in whole or part, but with restrictions as now specified. The relaxation was introduced in 2003. It is being extended in May 2006. It will end when a proper published printed version becomes available (to be assumed as at the end of 2006, at present).

The printed copy(s) are to be made for your private use. Otherwise the readers are only to be people with whom you have some association. You would not charge them for their use, except to cover the cost of printing. In particular, you are not to sell any printed copy as a commercial undertaking or otherwise as trade. You may use means to facilitate use of a printed copy such as placing it between hard covers. However, you are not to produce it in such a form as would be expected from a professional publisher.


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