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Neil Beamish undertook his project with the desire to found a movement comparable to that existing until 1990 based on Marxism. It would attract popular interest and support. It would lead to intellectual thought. He has hoped that some sovereign (national) states in the world would adopt the ideology and implement the political organisation he proposed. (He has never been a "Marxist" and his views have not been close to Marx’s.)

His book was published as an E-book from this site in April 2003. His hopes that it would rapidly gain academic and popular recognition were not realised. His primary problem has been that of self-published authors in general, and even professional publishers. It has been in bringing his book to the attention of prospective readers. The only market that he has been able to contact with some effect, in 2003, has been the academic world of higher education. This was based on emailing academic staff and some student societies, in departments of philosophy and of political science.

In late May 2003, he decided to stop charging for downloading his book, in order to promote its acquisition. (This remains the case, as at May 2006.) This did result in some downloading in 2003. Emails in return seemed to indicate some serious interest had been raised (limited in extent). He has not been active in trying to arouse interest in it since 2003, before returning to some new efforts at present (May 2006).

Future developments with the book are unclear. Some early readers may conclude that it could be important for humanity. He now directly addresses sympathetic readers, including prospective ones who have still to obtain the book. Some may prefer to take no further action. He asks others to bring the book to the attention of their acquaintances, as appropriate. A further (more involved) possibility for them would be to help create or contribute to some kind of formal movement organisation or discussion group. He would be happy to liaise with any of them.

The evolutionist movement could grow to become substantial. It would then certainly need some proper formal organisation. Evolutionist sovereign states may still not exist. Without them, the movement may still have an official "headquarters", if that can be financed and if there are suitable people to take senior roles within it. Neil Beamish must however acknowledge that he is rather unclear as to its functions. It may employ a small "diplomatic group". This group and the wider headquarters staff would monitor governments and their acts, and wider developments across the world. They may react to any that are of relevance to the movement. They may not be involved with people or groups who are attempting revolutionary means to establish the order in their own states.

If evolutionist states do exist, there should be an organised formal association of them. It would assist with their co-operation. It would undertake or lead some roles itself. These are likely to include studies of aspects of political functioning and of important political issues. The body would employ expert staff. Their roles would include guidance to member states. One of the body’s important ongoing roles would be to determine the association’s own membership, and thus the states recognised to be evolutionist. It would consider applications for membership from states, after changes in their political rule. It may sometimes review whether present members can remain as such, in the light of their official activities. It would have close links with the wider evolutionist movement. Indeed, it may effectively lead it and may then incorporate its formal organisation (as described in the previous paragraph).

Neil Beamish has reflected on his future personal contribution to the movement. Over his lifetime, he may wish to use his position as its founder to influence its general development, or its approaches to specific matters. His active involvement would be limited for two main reasons. His health is not very good, so he would not want a strenuous role. He does not intend to end up like some democratic politicians who have sought and achieved posts beyond their capabilities. Accordingly he does not expect to undertake a demanding very senior role within it.


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