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What is Available for you to Download

From this website, you can download to your PC (or PDA, or whatever) the E-book The Evolutionist Order, from the Home page. It is available in three versions. They are described in the Reading and Printing page. One uses the pdf format. Two use the html format and they differ in being downloaded in either the ordinary or “zipped” form. The latter has been created using the WinZip® 8.1 utility. You may be unable to download the ordinary form as it comprises an executable file which many computer systems will block for security reasons, especially if part of a network. Zipped files are normally allowed through a security firewall. The zipped file has reduced size and hence download time and this may be of value with slower Internet connections. However, it requires additional processing after being downloaded.

If you download a pdf file you will need to read it with the Adobe® Acrobat® Reader® software. If this software is not already installed on your computer, click here to download it free from Adobe’s website. (There are specific versions of the software suitable for operation with a PDA using the Palm OS® or Pocket PC operating systems).

If you download a zipped html file, you will need to “unzip” it with the WinZip® utility software. If this software is not already installed on your computer, click here to download it free from WinZip’s website.

You may already be used to downloading files from the Internet, perhaps including E-books. The account below is then probably unnecessary for you. It covers:

  • sizes of the E-book files you can download and their estimated times to download
  • the downloading process and possible difficulties with it
  • processing a downloaded zipped html E-book
  • opening an E-book held on your computer for reading

Downloading an E-book

Downloading an E-book or other file takes a period of time that depends on the file size and the speed of your Internet connection. File sizes for the E-books you can obtain from this site and guideline download times are presented in the tables below:

File sizes:

Version of E-book
In pdf format
2.8 MB
In html format
2.0 MB
In zipped-html format
1.7 MB
File Size
(dial up)
1.7 MB
8.5 minutes
100 seconds
25 seconds
2.0 MB
10 minutes
2 minutes
30 seconds
2.8 MB
15 minutes
2.6 minutes
40 seconds

Note that the above time figures make no allowance for poor line quality (dial up) or contention (Broadband).

As noted above, you initiate the downloading of the E-book from the Home page. Several website pages include instructions on how to do that. How a download occurs and how you later “open” the E-book in order to read it depend to limited degrees on whether you have the pdf, html or zipped-html version. They may also be affected by particular settings on your computer.

While a file is being downloaded, you may receive information on what is occurring. This may be in the form of a progress box which includes an estimated time to completion of the download process. With completion, you may be given a choice as to whether you want to close the file or open it immediately. We suggest that for simplicity you choose the former.

Download Problems

Downloading files is not itself particularly prone to error and the Internet protocols are very resilient to problems. However, circumstances may cause a download to fail completely. The most likely causes of failure are a lost or very poor quality Internet connection, the download process timing out (probably due to a slow connection) or firewall security violations. In most cases, the remedy is to try again later. In the case of firewall or other security issues, you could try downloading a different version of the E-book or address the problem to your network administrator.

If you have continued difficulties in downloading from this website, you can click here to contact Customer Support at The Evolutionist Order Publishing.

“Unzipping” a Zipped html E-book

A zipped html version must be “unzipped” before it can be opened. To do this, first ensure that the free WinZip utility has been installed on your computer. Then open the file, by opening the directory (folder) in which it was saved and double-clicking the filename or icon. WinZip will launch automatically. It may allow you to specify a directory and filename for the unzipped file before performing the unzip operation. Otherwise it will store the unzipped file in a default directory (with the Windows operating system, this may be C:\WINDOWS\TEMP). You would then or at any later time start to read the E-book by opening the unzipped version.

Opening a pdf or non-zipped html E-book

You open the directory (folder) in which the E-book file has been saved and double-click on the filename or icon. The first page of the book (or its upper part) will then be displayed with options at the top of the screen on how to use it (for example type size).


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