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[This webpage was put into its final form in 2003. In 2006, Neil T Beamish included coverage of the same area in Part 4 of the "Insertion" in the rewritten Home page. He then developed, substantially and in important ways, the coverage in the page you are now visiting. With respect, he recommends that you read the coverage of the Insertion Part 4. Indeed, you might do so in preference to reading the present page. Their coverage overlaps, but each contains some material not in the other.]

As a reader of The Evolutionist Order, you might wish to correspond with Neil Beamish on aspects of the book or of the wider evolutionist movement. You might also have other queries, for example about your technical use of the book, that you wish to address to him or to The Evolutionist Order Publishing.

If you decide to initiate contact, you are asked to do so in the first instance by email. In order to facilitate this, please click here. The email would be received by the author. Any email you send will receive an immediate automatic confirmation of receipt. An alternative means of contact with the author is with traditional mail. You should write to him at the address given at the end of this page. This means will not lead to an automatic confirmation of receipt.

If you initiate contact and wish your identity or position to be taken into account, you should provide evidence to establish that you are who you claim to be. With an email, if you wish to include a document of moderate size, you should present it as part of the main email rather than as an attachment. An attachment may cause the email to be rejected by a security content filter. If it is passed, it not be opened because of the danger of contamination.

Any correspondence or message received will be examined. If it deals with the contents of his book, Neil Beamish may, with regret, be unwilling to respond properly to it. This may be based on several grounds that are identified below. He may similarly refuse to comment on aspects of the wider Evolutionist movement.

As noted above, your email would receive an immediate response to acknowledge receipt. If he decides to reply to a contact apart from this, the return email or other response may only be sent out after a week or so, following due consideration and preparation of the response.

With technical enquiries, responses will occur more quickly if possible.

Why Neil Beamish may refuse to engage in discussion about his book

There are three reasons.

Firstly almost any response would require real effort from him. The effort would usually be much increased by his need to reacquaint himself with the subject-matter. (He finished chapters of the book at various times between 1998 and 2002 and has given them limited attention later.) If his book arouses considerable interest, he may be unable properly to deal with all the correspondence he has received, even as a full-time commitment.

Secondly he may not readily be able to go beyond what he included in the book. This originates in how he approached his project. Following his experiences as a civil servant, he endeavoured to study any matter to the extent appropriate for his coverage of it but not to go much beyond that. This is in contrast with the norm of authors being experts on their subject or otherwise having thorough appreciation of it. Their books then provide condensations of the more important aspects of their knowledge. When contacted by readers, they can probably tap into their full knowledge to deal with the points raised.

Thirdly he must be careful before committing himself on any political matter. Most readers contacting him would wish merely to have one-to-one exchanges. However, any comment he made could be transmitted to others and may enter the public domain. A comment intended to address a particular view may give a distorted impression of his outlook taken out of that context. Publicity for it could then be detrimental to the Evolutionist movement.

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